About the Viewing Facilities Association

Founded in 1995, the Viewing Facilities Association (VFA) is a trade association which exists to promote best practice amongst Viewing Facilities. Its members are committed to providing high standards of professionalism, confidentiality and etiquette in their facilities.

How the VFA is organised

The VFA is an association run by the members, for the members. There are three elected officers. Currently, Stewart Lindsay from Babble is the Chair, Donal Kelly from Spectrum is the Vice Chair and Sharmaine Burnett from The Front Room is Treasurer.

Administration of the VFA

The administration, accounts and handling of all enquiries is carried out by the VFA Secretariat at the independent company, Admin Plus, ensuring that these matters can be handled promptly and efficiently, and that there is no conflict of interests when dealing with enquiries, and that all advice given out is fair and impartial.

Benefits of VFA membership

Quite simply, showing your commitment to join the Viewing Facilities Association is the best way of showing your clients that you are aiming for the very highest standards of professionalism and quality of service. Once you become a member of the VFA you are entitled to use the VFA logo on all of your literature, a logo that is increasingly being seen as a mark of quality assurance.

An online directory of viewing facilities

Being a member means you are listed in our online directory which we have designed to be as useful as possible to potential clients looking for viewing facilities. And if the client cannot find the information they need in the directory they are always welcome to phone the VFA Secretariat which has an extensive knowledge of the membership and is always happy to advise callers and help them track down studios equipped to meet unusual requirements.

An impact on the viewing industry

As a member, you will also benefit from news updates from the VFA on changes in UK legislation or Health & Safety standards which may have an impact on our industry.